Bone Tomahawk


West Coast Premiere

Westerns seem to be making a comeback in 2015, with Tarantino finishing Hateful Eight (also starring Russell & sharing Tomahawk editor Fred Raskin) & In The Valley Of Violence by Ti West also in the can. As much as I’m looking forward to both of these titles, neither of them boast the mighty Kurt Russell facing off against a tribe of cannibalistic Troglodytes in the old west!

Russell plays Franklin Hunt the sheriff in the small town of Bright Hope; together with his trusty deputy Chicory (Richard Jenkins), he keeps the peace and the townsfolk safe, that is until a drifter comes into town with something to hide. An altercation in the saloon sees the drifter with one of the Franklin’s bullets in his leg and locked up in the jailhouse. Samantha O’Dwyer (Lili Simmons) is called out to operate late into the night and this is where the drifter’s past catches up with not only himself but also with Mrs O’Dwyer as they are both abducted by troglodytes.

A search party is set up by Franklin that includes Chicory, local gunslinger John Brooder (Mathew Fox ) & Samantha’s temporarily crutch reliant husband Arthur (Patrick Wilson), which sees them traveling across country to try and perform a rescue. Part classic western and part gruesome horror

Tomahawk is unlike any western you have seen before, of course the script by Zahler is incredibly well crafted and note perfect, but the interplay and performances by the four leads as they travel the landscape is what gives the picture its heart and soul, you feel that these guys have known each other for years and by the time they arrive at the Cannibal’s lair you really are rooting for them and praying they manage to not only save the captives but also get out alive.

Sharply scripted, beautifully shot and expertly acted, this is a quietly contemplative film that features some genuinely shocking acts of violence interspersed throughout its runtime. I can’t recommend this highly enough and it’s always a joy to see Russell on the big screen doing what he does best — those don’t get much bigger than the Egyptian’s.

Spencer Hickman

Special Thanks to RLJ Entertainment

Guests: S. Craig Zahler & Matthew Fox

Director: S.Craig Zahler
Country: USA
Runtime: 133 minutes
Year: 2015


Four men set out in the Wild West to rescue a group of captives from cannibalistic cave dwellers.