S is for Stanley

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West Coast Premiere

Both an insight into the unknown side of director Stanley Kubrick and an intimate portrait of Emilio D’Alessandro, the man who was by Kubrick’s side for over 20 years, Alex Infascelli’s documentary is a captivating and extensive journey into cinematic history

Emilio D’Alessandro is a gentle and unassuming man, now living out his retirement in Italy. However he also hold a fascinating secret: his garage is a shrine to the work of Stanley Kubrick and all these props, posters, objects and more were not acquired by D’Alessandro through auctions or online – they are firsthand memories of the 30 years and more of working as personal assistant to the great man.

Although it would be easy to think that with all the books, documentaries and exhibitions out there ; the subject of Kubrick had been exhausted – but Alex Infascelli’s documentary proves that assumption completely wrong with its captivating portrait seen through the eyes of a man who had been closer to Kubrick than most others.

D’Alessandro’s chance encounter with Kubrick as a driver and his subsequent employment as a driver, slowly moving into the role of personal assistant is a fascinating, incredulous tale: the director’s ability to let the story simply speak for itself, framing each anecdote using photos, occasionally clips and most of importantly the notes and letters from Kubrick himself, works very well to build a portrait of Kubrick as never seen before: definitely a genius who sometimes comes across as gregarious and others the very picture of humanity. His interactions with D’Alessandro and his family , the care he dotes on the people around him, his draconian desire for order all help bolster the idea of Kubrick we’ve learned over the years – but it’s the very humanity the director that the film so beautifully portrays which breaks new ground.

A must-see for not only lovers of Kubrick and his cinema but also of excellent, intimate documentaries, this beautiful tale of friendship will charm, enchant and delight in equal measure anyone who grabs the chance to see it on the big screen.

Evrim Ersoy

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Plays in the Shudder Theatre @Egyptian

With Director Alex Infascelli in Person

Director: Alex Infascelli
Country: Italy
Runtime: 82 minutes
Year: 2015