Neon Maniacs

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Double Feature with STREET TRASH

Lurking beneath San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, a horde of bloodthirsty monsters terrorizes the city without leaving a trace of their existence.

Imagine if THE MONSTER SQUAD did battle with the Cabal from NIGHTBREED. Sounds awesome, right? Well, that gives you an inkling of what NEON MANIACS is all about.

Hiding underneath the Golden Gate Bridge, a pack of monsters creeps out at night to satisfy their bloodlust. Varied and unique, each Maniac has their own distinct look: There’s a Samurai, a Native American, a Mad Doctor, a stumpy reptile thing with hooks for hands, etc.

The creatures slaughter their victims at night in ghastly and hilarious ways. Once they’re finished, they vanish with their victim’s bodies back to their lair, leaving no trace of their horrendous deeds. That is, until Natalie (played by Leilani Sarelle) survives her encounter with them.

Now targeted by the monsters, Natalie must team up with the only two people that believe her story: Steven, a hunky nerd musician and Paula, a horror obsessed aspiring filmmaker.

With their help, they discover the menacing beasts have a weak spot and set up a final showdown at their high school’s Halloween dance. Packed with cool looking creatures, a groovy synth score, and an abundance of 80s goofiness, NEON MANIACS might be one of the best, most fun monster movies to emerge from that decade.

James Branscome

Special Thanks to American Genre Film Archive 

Plays in the Shudder Theatre @Egyptian

Director: Joseph Mangine
Country: USA
Runtime: 91 minutes
Year: 1986

35mm Print Courtesy of American Genre Film Archive