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Dan Gilroy’s stunning debut is a brilliant mix of character study and neo-noir: Jake Gyllenhall (in almost unrecognizable form) stars as Lou Bloom – a loner lost within the L.A. night-scape who finds himself more and more attracted to the nightcrawlers: freelance crime reports who chase police radio announcements and ambulances to score footage to sell to local television channels.

Both stunning and alienating in equal measure, this assured film not only gives Gyllenhaal what might be his finest role to date but also boasts immaculate performances from a cast of talented actors such as Bill Paxton and Rene Russo.

Dan Gilroy proves that his directing skills are as good as his writing and delivers one hell of a ride in an atmospheric tale dripping with atmosphere, populated with amoral opportunists and the best twists and turns the genre can offer – do not miss!

Evrim Ersoy

“Gilroy’s directorial debut is a crazy cool indictment of media voyeurism from which you’ll be powerless to look away.” Film Threat

Guests: Dan Gilroy

Director: Dan Gilroy
Country: United States
Runtime: 117 minutes
Year: 2014