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Closing Night!

Coming in hot on the heels of his spectacular, blood-soaked yakuza-war / ode to 35mm film epic, Why Don’t You Play In Hell, Sion Sono returns to Beyond Fest for an equally outrageous ride with TOKYO TRIBE.

Adapted from Beyond Fest family member Santa Inoue’s manga, TOKYO TRIBE stays true to its source material exposing a street gang culture that is as hyper-violent as it is musical.

Tokyo as we know it has been overrun by a series of hip hop gangs who keep the peace by running their turf with their own unique brand of governance. Being the evil yakuza that he is, Buppa (the immense Riki Takeuchi) decides to wage war on the neighboring tribes in an attempt to take over the city in a massive land grab. All hell breaks loose as each gang steps up to battle the ferocious Buppa Clan.

TOYKO TRIBE marks a departure for Sono as he was granted the finances to fully realize his vision on the grandest scale and boy, does he deliver. Utilizing a massive set, he smashes everything at a cast that throws seasoned pros, rappers, stunt men and first time actors into the bloodiest, most balletic arena ever created. The result is an experience of epic chaos and madness unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

TOKYO TRIBE is a film that should only be witnessed on the biggest of screens.

Christian Parkes

Guests: Santa Inoue, Akihiro Kitamura, Katayama Hitomi

LA Premiere
Director: Sion Sono
Country: Japan
Runtime: 116 minutes
Year: 2014

Tokyo Tribe is a film to see with an audience; they will sing and chant, and move their feet around. So, yes it is a very, very fun movie. It might be the most fun that Sono has ever put on screen.”