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2013, 80 min. Dir. Joe Begos

With key events set in the 1980s, the feature debut of director Joe Begos recalls some of John Carpenter’s and David Cronenberg’s best work from that decade. Begos wears his heart-felt inspirations on his sleeve, taking us all to a much beloved place that shaped our collective genre-consciousness.

Almost Human tells the story of a small town in Maine where one night in October 1987 Mark Fisher (Josh Ethier) disappears in a blue flash of light and leaves his best pal Seth (Graham Skipper) and girlfriend Jen (Vanessa Leigh) in a state of disarray.

Two years later, a string of murders start to make their waves in the quiet, woodsy town and Seth and Jen’s lives are upset once again with the return of Mark. What is he? What happened that fateful night? And why does Seth keep getting nosebleeds?It’s still early to call, but with the passion and promise that Begos and Ethier pour in ALMOST HUMAN, watching it harkens back to the first time you watched Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi battle THE EVIL DEAD.

Immediately following Almost Human Evan Dickson of Bloody Disgusting will host a Q&A with the cast and crew of the film. This film screens as a double feature with TALES FROM THE CRYPT: DEMON KNIGHT.