Street Trash

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Double Feature with NEON MANIACS

New York City’s homeless quench their thirst for cheap booze with a strange toxic beverage called Tenafly Viper. While it does the trick, it has very unfortunate and explosive side effect.

Part splatter flick, part social commentary, all outrageous! “Prepare for a molten hobo holocaust.” STREET TRASH is a one of kind splatter film that will make you laugh, wretch, and squirm uncomfortably in your seat. A grimy slice of pre-Rudy Giuliani New York life that keeps things rotten to the Big Apple’s core.

The first word I think about when it comes to STREET TRASH is filth. Everything in the film is smeared in unholy filth. From the setting to the people to the humor. It’s a reflection of what writer/producer Roy Frumkes saw when he frequented the many 42nd grindhouses back in the 70s and 80s: Gonzo exploitation films on the screen and the depraved lunatics who watched them. In essence, this is a film made for and about these cinemaniacs.

Never a dull moment, STREET TRASH is always moving. A lot of it has to do with its masterful steadicam shots, operated by the film’s director James M. Muro. The camera probes and glides through the scummy terrain, presenting the depravity as artfully as the opening shot of TOUCH OF EVIL. It should come as no surprise that Muro went on to become one of Hollywood’s top steadicam operators, working with the likes of James Cameron, Oliver Stone, and Michael Mann.

Honoring the 80s horror film creed “the gore the merrier,” STREET TRASH delivers in a very explosive way. And by that I mean exploding hobos. Lots and LOTS of exploding hobos who melt down down into brightly colored nightmares thanks to Tenafly Viper, the rot guttiest of rot gut libations. One sip from that toxic swill will turn anyone into an acidic pool of goop.

Once you let the ooze and sleaze of STREET TRASH wash over you like a golden shower, you’ll never feel clean again. Enjoy!

James Branscome

Special Thanks to American Genre Film Archive and Roy Frumkes

Plays in the Shudder Theatre @Egyptian

Video Intro by Writer/Producer Roy Frumkes

Director: James M. Muro
Country: USA
Runtime: 91 minutes
Year: 1987

35mm Print Courtesy of American Genre Film Archive

“STREET TRASH Makes John Waters look like Marry Poppins.” Wes Craven 


“STREET TRASH is one of the freshest most inventive, swaggeringly cocksure splatter films since RE-ANIMATOR.” Chas Balun (Deep Red Horror Handbook)