Beyond Fest, Mondo & Death Waltz Recording Co. Present FRIZZI 2 FULCI – FABIO FRIZZI LIVE

First Ever Los Angeles Performance

For the first time in his stunning 40 year career, legendary composer Fabio Frizzi comes to Los Angeles to perform his Lucio Fulci horror classics live with his 8-piece Frizzi 2 Fulci Orchestra.

Frizzi 2 Fulci Live is an epic live performance of seminal suites from Frizzi and Fulci’s oeuvre including ZOMBI 2 (aka ZOMBIE FLESH EATERS), SEVEN NOTES IN BLACK (aka THE PSYCHIC), THE BEYOND, CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD, NEW YORK RIPPER, MANHATTAN BABY and more.

Orchestral performances will also be accompanied by a stunning live visual performance derived from Fulci’s iconic filmography.

Highly influential to this day, Fabio Frizzi is one of the most celebrated Italian film composers, and respected in the same iconic pantheon as Ennio Morricone, Bruno Nicolai, Goblin and Gianni Ferrio.

Frizzi’s influence has been cited by a vast range of contemporary artists ranging from Boards Of Canada to Wu Tang’s RZA, and he is heavily referenced by the rising stars of synth-horror including Umberto and Zombi.

Frizzi’s work also resonates with cinephiles as Quentin Tarantino used the theme from SEVEN NOTES IN BLACK for his soundtrack to KILL BILL VOL 1.

Spencer Hickman

Special thanks to Grindhouse Releasing


Double bill with fully uncensored 35mm screening of THE BEYOND

Performance Runtime: 100 minutes

General Admission: $28
VIP Tickets: $40

VIP package is limited to 50 tickets and includes:

  • Meet and greet signing session with Fabio Frizzi
  • Early entry to view sound check
  • First access to seating
  • An exclusive 13″ x 13″ small batch, hand silkscreen print on 100# rag paper featuring artwork from THE BEYOND by Graham Humphreys. Limited and numbered edition of 50.