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West Coast Premiere

Talal has just woken up in a police cell feeling like shit: he has no memory of the night before, no memory of how he got there and no I.D. to prove his innocence.

His desperate situation gets a lot worse with the arrival of a brilliant psychopath, Dabaan, who seems determined to play violent, vicious and unexpected mind games with him. Talan’s confinement soon becomes a fight for survival and a race to discover exactly what is motivating the murderous Dabaan.

Combining the best of the 90’s brilliant neo-noirs RED ROCK WEST and THE LAST SEDUCTION, RATTLE THE CAGE (ZINZANA) proves without a doubt that you do not need Hollywood to craft an intricate, violent and surreal thriller.

Director Majid Al Ansari’s effort is set within the confinement of a sheriff’s office – on one hand we have Saleh Bakri as Talal , channeling the best of Eric Roberts circa 1994 and on the other Ali Suliman as Dabaan, a charming psychopath so beautifully played that Dennis Hopper is teeming with jealousy somewhere in the other side of the world.

Building upon these brilliant performances is a taut thriller filled with outrageous twists and sudden violent moments – add to this ambitious camerawork, a stark, dusty color palette channeling the best of small-town America and a musical interlude and what you have is a discovery unlike any other: RATTLE THE CAGE (ZINZANA) is filmmaking that sets out to thrill outrageously and succeeds brilliantly.

Evrim Ersoy

Special Thanks to Cinetic Media


Screening in Shudder Theatre @Egyptian

Director: Majid Al Ansari
Country: United Arab Emirates, Jordan
Runtime: 91 minutes
Year: 2015


Preceded by:
Director: Mike Pecci & Tony Fernandez
Runtime: 6 minutes
In a city of 100 gangs, one small band of undead moped riders rips through them all on a bloody pursuit of vengeance.