October 2 | 10:15pm

West Coast Premiere

Yakuza. Vampires. Miike. What more do you need to know other than to strap yourself in for what is one of the most outrageous and delirious assaults from Japan’s most beloved / demented auteur?

YAKUZA APOCALYPSE opens in relatively straightforward fashion as local mob boss Kamiura (Lily Franky) shakes down criminals to keep his neighborhood safe. What we quickly learn is that Kamiura is unlike any other mob boss we’ve seen before as he is, in fact, a vampire mob boss. Unwilling to bend to the rules of the international yakuza syndicate he enlists his protégée Kageyama (Hayato Ichihara) to help defend his turf.

Coming off of two of the greatest action roles ever, Yayan Ruhian (THE RAID & THE RAID 2) brings his machetes to town, along with a band of outlandish yakuza cohorts, all ready to assert a new regime at the top of the underground. As the fighting and bloodsucking spiral out of control, the syndicate summon Modern Monster to end the escalating violence and squash the resistance. And this is where things turn from insane to, well, completely batshit crazy…

Modern Monster is quite simply one of the greatest characters ever created. Repeat, one of the greatest characters ever. Cuddly and green on the outside, stone cold killer on the inside, it / she / he is the most formidable foe imaginable and one that allows Miike to really let loose in form and function deploying bone-snapping action, slapstick comedy, stop-motion animation and man-in-a-suit monster mayhem with glorious aplomb.

There has never been a film like YAKUZA APOCALYPSE and there will never be again. Miike, we salute you.

Christian Parkes

Special thanks to Samuel Goldwyn Films

Director: Takeshi Miike
Country: Japan
Runtime: 125 minutes
Year: 2015


“Takashi Miike’s martial arts extravaganza is foolish, transgressive, and just about the best fun you can have in a cinema.” The Telegraph