The Wolf Man

October 8 | 3:00pm

Repertory Screening

When practical, reasonable and logical Larry Talbot returns to Wales in order reconcile with his father, he finds himself facing an ancient curse both inexplicable and very deadly.

Perhaps one of the most fondly remembered titles in the Universal Monsters cannon, this deserving classic is a prime example of the best of genre. Lon Chaney is Lawrence Talbot – a logical and intelligent man who is forced to return home to Wales after the death of his brother.

Although his aim is to reconcile with their father, Larry finds himself at the mercy of an ancient curse after a chance encounter with a strange wolf-man creature – now he is forced to roam the village at night as a vicious beast, trying to contain his blood lust.

An excellent, intelligent exploration of the contrast between the old world and the new – this classic tale serves as a warning to folk who forget that there’s some truth behind the folktales of old.

Expertly directed by George Waggner, the film features excellent special effect sequences, especially during the transformation of man into wolf-man as well as establish some of the base rules of the folklore which were to be a solid part of cinema in the years to come.

Chaney gives an excellent performance – not only as Larry Talbot but also as the wolf-man, using his acting skills to establish the nature of the beast as well as augmenting the creation with the use of some nifty make-up skills.

Although many sequels and remakes would become part of the series, it’s not hard to remember why we fell in love with such a beautiful film: a terrifying, well-made tale designed to project the best of the studio system – a must-see on the big screen!

Evrim Ersoy

Guests: TBA

Director: George Waggner
Country: United States
Runtime: 70 minutes
Year: 1941