The Evil Dead

Double feature w/EVIL DEAD 2 / October 3 | 7:30pm / With Bruce Campbell in Conversation with Edgar Wright In Person

Presented by Starz & ASH VS EVIL DEAD

What can you say about THE EVIL DEAD that hasn’t already been written? It is the alpha, the omega, the mother of all horror movies and one of very the reasons Beyond Fest exists.

You all know the story… Five bubbly MSU students break out to enjoy a weekend in the woods at an isolated cabin. What could possibly go wrong, you ask? Well, the goddamn Naturom Demonto is what could go wrong as it unleashes demonic forces to possess the hapless teens and unleash the most hyper-violent, hyper-gory shocker ever made.

34 years after it premiered at the Redford Theater in Detroit (as BOOK OF THE DEAD), THE EVIL DEAD still stands as a ferocious masterpiece of horror cinema. It also represents a landmark entry in the annals of independent filmmaking.

Sam Raimi made this film with a formula of 10% budget / 90% passion, positioning him shoulder to shoulder with an elite group of never-say-die, guerilla filmmakers whose methods are sorely missing from today’s mire of Hollywood-hyped hacks. Like John Waters, Abel Ferrera, Russ Meyer and George Romero, Raimi didn’t make THE EVIL DEAD because he wanted to, he made it because he HAD to and he did whatever it took to make it real.

Prior to it’s release there was never a film like THE EVIL DEAD and there has never been one like it since. It deserves all the recognition, reverence and respect it receives, every last blood-soaked drop of it.

Christian Parkes

Special thanks to Starz and Grindhouse Releasing

Guests: Bruce Campbell & Edgar Wright In Person

Double bill with EVIL DEAD 2
Sam Raimi
Country: USA
Runtime: 85 minutes
Year: 1981


“To what perverse strains of human nature do movies like this appeal?” People Magazine

“An instant classic.” LA Times