September 25, 2014 | 9:30pm

FREE Screening in El Rey’s Theater @Egyptian

A love-letter to the garish and color-saturated giallo films of the 70’s, ‘The Editor’ might well be considered the first genuine masterpiece from the crazy minds at Astron-6. After delivering their statement of intent in fantastically inventive titles such as Bio-Cop and Manborg, they finally present to us their all-out assault on senses.

Rey Ciso is a one-handed editor who spends his days working on low-budget horror movies. Once a promising star, his freak accident has confined him to the margins of cinema as well as trapped in a loveless marriage with a crazy starlet from the past. When the cast and crew of the latest film he’s working on start turning up brutally murdered, the cops choose Rey as their prime suspect. Can he prove his innocence or is there a chance that Rey might have finally snapped and is REALLY the murderer?

Blessed with endless nudity, wall-to-wall gore and a kick-ass soundtrack ‘The Editor’ is the epitome of the perfect late night movie: a brisk, rude and in-your-face movie-going experience that is sure to jolt you to your senses. If you love ‘Pieces, if you love ‘Your Vice Is A Locked Room and Only I Have The Key’ then you owe it yourself to delve into Rey’s world and discover truly just how great ‘The Editor’ really is.

Evrim Ersoy

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Director: Matthew Kennedy, Adam Brooks
Country: Canada
Runtime: 99 minutes
Year: 2014