The Dwarves Must Be Crazy

October 9 | 9:45pm / Special Free Screening / West Coast Premiere
 FREE Screening / No Advance Tickets: Tickets available from Egyptian Theatre box office day of show starting at 6pm; 2 tix per person max.
 A Village of Little people are attacked . possessed & generally terrorised by a group of Krause spirts in this incredible and jaw dropping Thai slapstick horror film.

Sometimes when you watch a film it’s like the filmmaker got inside your head to deliver you the perfect film you’ve longed for your entire life. The Dwarves Must Be Crazy is such a film!

Picture if you will a floating village in Thailand entirely populated by little people, whilst in the woods hunting for food they discover a strange mound of glowing bugs , several of the more curious villagers decide to eat the bugs, of course this is obviously a bad move because before you know it their heads have detached their bodies with only their guts as company , did I also mention that the heads can fly where they please ?

What follows can only be described as completely off the wall as these headless bodies fly around the jungle trying to bite the other dwarves on the ass (there is more ass biting in this flick than any other ever committed to celluloid). Unlike any other film playing this year (obviously) this could well be the perfect Beyond Fest film , it’s juvenile , puerile, offensive , gross & yet strangely touching. Hilarious , unconventional & with not one care given for the normal narrative tropes found in genre films (midway through the film just stops for a pointless yet AMAZING song and dance routine.

This is a film that NEEDS to be experienced with an appreciative audience that demands the wierdest in world cinema and we know that Beyond Fest is that audience.

Spencer Hickman

Plays in the Shudder Theatre @Egyptian

Director: Bhin Banloerit
Country: Thailand
Runtime: 92 minutes
Year: 2016