September 26, 2014 | 7:30pm

FREE Screening in El Rey’s Theater @Egyptian
Presented by Shock Till You Drop

Ivan Kavanagh’s love-letter to classic ghost stories, ‘The Canal’ is an understated and beautiful counterpoint to all the modern films floating around in mainstream cinema right now.

Playing up the film angle in an unusual way, the film centers on film archivist David whose discovery of archival footage of a murder will start to unhinge his entire life. Growing further and further distant from his wife and family, David will be thrown in a series of horrifying event which have him questioning his very own sanity.

Both frightening and effective, ‘The Canal’ filters the usual sensibilities of the classic ghost story through a new perspective and creates a unique and engrossing experience which is sure to unsettle even the most ardent lover of the genre.

A must-see in the cinema, this one will leave you sleepless for sure.

Evrim Ersoy

“…an unnerving, dread-fueled piece of work.” FANGORIA

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LA Premiere
Director: Ivan Kavanagh
Country: Ireland
Runtime: 92 minutes
Year: 2014