Sadako vs Kayako

October 7 | 9:45pm / Special Free Screening / West Coast Premiere
 FREE Screening / No Advance Tickets: Tickets available from Egyptian Theatre box office day of show starting at 6pm; 2 tix per person max.

West Coast Premiere

The showdown of the century is about to begin and no one in Tokyo will be spared: THE RING’s Sadako vs THE GRUDGE’s Kayako in a fight to determine the future of humanity.

What we all thought to be an April Fool’s Joke turns out to be true! Sadako Vs Kayako brings together the two most famous vengeful spirits in Japan in a face-off that’s epic in scope and incredible in nature.

When a college student comes across the cursed videotape of Ring stuck in a VCR, she unwittingly unleashes the dreaded Sadako. With time fast running out, they turn to their university lecturer who specializes in urban legends. Meanwhile, a high-school student finds herself the target of Kayako after wandering into her domain. As the pair of victims are united in their plea for help, there remains only one solution: to pit spirit against spirit in order to rid the world of the evil of Sadako and Kayako for once and all.

Reminiscent of Scream in its unerring love for its nations horror history, Sadako Vs Kayako shows how what could be a one-note joke can turn rich, layered and riotously funny. Playing on the expectations of the audience with lead characters that are as aware as possible, the film ratchets up the tension in the first half, creating a real sense of creeping dread. However, with the introduction of the psychic Yuki and the exorcism sequences, Sadako Vs Kayako goes into overdrive, with showdown following showdown bringing wall-to-wall, eye-popping action to the screen.

An uproarious, brilliant journey, Sadako Vs Kayako is the kind of midnight movie that leaves the audience with a smile on their face. An unmissable chance to see the most violent match of the decade!

Evrim Ersoy

Special Thanks to Shudder

Director: Koji Shiraishi
Country: Japan
Runtime: 98 minutes
Year: 2016

“A love letter to J-horror…the curse of mediocrity has been broken: Sadako vs. Kayako is excellent.Bloody Disgusting