October 8 | 7:30pm / West Coast Premiere

West Coast Premiere

A supremely contemporary and wildly gory coming-of-age story that David Cronenberg and John Hughes would both endorse. RAW is a game changer.

Every year there is that one breakout film that brings you to your knees. It’s the one that makes you reconsider everything as you immediately acknowledge the genre has elevated. It’s the film that everybody talks about, the film that sits atop everyone’s lists, the film that you absolutely cannot miss. RAW is that film.

RAW shares the story of wide-eyed student Justine (Garance Marillier) as she embarks on her first year of veterinarian school. An animal-loving vegan, Julia quickly learns that school is not what she had envisioned as she is persistently hazed by older students, including her sister, Alexis (Ella Rumpf).

After being forced to eat raw meat, Justine descends into a dizzying metamorphosis that channels the body horror of Cronenberg and psychological distortion of Polanski in equal measure and with brilliantly stunning results.

Beyond Fest brethren James Shapiro perfectly described RAW as “the terror discovery of 2016” and he’s 100% right – its impact will be registered in the same way as such luminaries as THE WITCH and LET THE RIGHT ONE IN – however, its relation to those films doesn’t end with its breakout status.

Like those instantly-iconic features RAW delves into the universally difficult transition of youth, exploring femininity and sexual awakening with an expert hand that is both shocking and incredibly prescient, and it is in the latter where RAW deviates most from its peers and where first time director Julia Ducournau truly excels.

RAW is a ferociously contemporary tale of youth in revolt, delivering an electric vision of angst that is pure adrenaline, it explodes in a form that is as perfectly of its time as Harmony Korine’s SPRING BREAKERS or Mathieu Kassovitz’s LA HAINE.

Mark my words, a decade from now you’ll be telling your friends about the first time you saw RAW, it is a game changer in every sense and like her stunning debut, Ducournau is a talent that we’ll be talking about for years to come.

Do. Not. Miss. This. Film.

Christian Parkes

Special Thanks to Focus Features

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Director: Julia Ducournau
Country: France
Runtime: 98 minutes
Year: 2016

Suspiria meets Ginger Snaps in a muscular yet elegant campus cannibal horror from bright new talent Julia Ducournau.” Variety
“Picture Cannibal Holocaust as an emotionally driven coming-of-age movie… Cleverly written, impressive made and incredibly gory.” The Hollywood Reporter