September 30 | 9:45pm / Special Free Screening / West Coast Premiere
 FREE Screening / No Advance Tickets: Tickets available from Egyptian Theatre box office day of show starting at 6pm; 2 tix per person max.

West Coast Premiere

Morgan Spurlock’s (Super Size Me) latest, harrowing documentary explores rats and the worldwide obsession of catching, killing and controlling them.

When is a documentary not a documentary? When it is shot, edited and scored as if it were a horror film.

Morgan Spurlock’s latest film offers a skin crawling view into the world of rat catching. Shot across 5 countries, Rats focuses on the people obsessed with catching, killing & studying them. Spurlock uses our collective fear of rodents against us at every turn, revelling in the fact that there may be more rats in NYC than humans, while granting us an uncomfortably close look at the parasites that live within these furry billions and the myriad ways disease transfers between them and us.

From government-paid Indian homeowners trying to project their families to street dwelling factory workers in the slums of India to the working class Brits that use man’s best friend to hunt and kill them on farms across the UK, Spurlock takes us on a worldwide whirlwind tour, stopping off in Cambodia where rice farmers catch them by the hundreds for selling. The curious and oftentimes disgusting things that occur in this strange world of rodent currency are most definitely not for the faint of heart.

Rats is thrilling, disturbing, funny and skin crawlingly hideous. It’s everything a horror film should be and then some.

Please note Rats features some very disturbing real life footage of rats being gruesomely dispatched, up close and personal. Viewer discretion advised.

Spencer Hickman

Special Thanks to Morgan Spurlock

Plays in the Shudder Theatre @Egyptian


Director: Morgan Spurlock
Country: USA
Runtime: 84 minutes
Year: 2016


Based on NY Times Best Selling Book by Robert Sullivan Rats: Observations on the History and Habitat of the Cities Most Unwanted Inhabitants.