Egyptian Theatre / October 12, 2013 | 10:45pm

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1980, AVCO Embassy, 89 min. Dir. Paul Lynch

This particularly gleeful shocker hails from Canada where disco dancing, pot smoking teens are slain (naturally), and the score bangs to the jams of genre composer extraordinaire Paul Zaza.

Five young children are playing hide and seek in an abandoned building. Robin Hammond, who is teased incessantly by the other children, backs away from the four as they chant “KILL! KILL!” until she falls out of a window to her death. Although entirely accidental, the four children make a pact that they will tell no one about what happened. Little do they know, however, that someone saw the whole thing. Nonetheless, a known sex offender is blamed for the death and placed under arrest. Six years later the four children, Jude (Joy Thompson), Wendy (Anne-Marie Martin), Kelly (Mary Beth Rubens), and Nick (Casey Stevens) are high school seniors. Having buried the incident in the past, they are preparing for the Hamilton High senior prom.

Nick is taking Robin Hammond’s sister Kim (Jamie Lee Curtis), the daughter of Principal Hammond (Leslie Nielsen), to the prom. Prom night, coincidentally, is also the anniversary of young Robin’s tragic death.


Strange events unfold. Jude, Wendy, Kelly, and Nick are harassed by phone; they then open their lockers to find their yearbook pictures with a shard of glass attached to the pictures of their faces.

The sex offender placed in jail for Robin’s death has meanwhile escaped. Perhaps it’s him. Perhaps it’s the mysterious groundskeeper Mr. Sykes (Robert Silverman). Perhaps it’s someone close to Robin that we would never expect. Mystery, nonetheless, enshrouds the events leading up to the big night. Prom Night, of course, turns into a veritable nightmare as a masked killer takes to avenging Robin Hammond’s death.

Gloriously schlocky with a score that is pure booty shaking dynamite, Prom Night all enjoys two great performances by the original scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis, and a straight laced Leslie Nielsen. Grab a brew, spark one up and enjoy.

Reception following the program sponsored by Tiger Beer, plus contest prizes throughout the night courtesy of Death Waltz Recording Company and Scream Factory.