Phantasm: Remastered

October 1 | 7:30pm / Special Double Feature with PHANTASM: RAVAGER / With Don Coscarelli & Cast in Person


  • PHANTASM opens for a limited engagement at Laemmle’s Ahrya Fine Arts on Oct 7th. Details.

LA Premiere

Double Feature with PHANTASM: RAVAGER

Fully restored in 4K, PHANTASM: REMASTERED returns to the big screen for one night only to remind us how much we loved being scared by the Tall Man and his murderous intentions in the first place.

What’s there to say about Don Coscarelli’s rightly renowned classic that’s not already been said? Loved and admired in equal measure, the story of a small Oregon town whose residents keep dying under mysterious circumstances and the 13-year-old who decides to investigate the circumstances and discovers just where the people have been disappearing to, ‘Phantasm’ has become an essential part of horror history. With its images of flying orbs and the ever-frightening Tall Man, the film is inventive, weird and utterly beguiling.

Under the watchful eye of J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot, the 4k Restoration makes PHANTASM: REMASTERED pop and sing in a way that even the most ardent viewer would not have experienced since its initial release by paying rightful tribute to a much-loved classic in lovingly restoring it to a pristine condition.

At Beyond Fest, we are more than delighted to host the LA Premiere of PHANTASM: REMASTERED in all its restored glory. We can’t wait to hear the echo of the Tall Man’s call of ‘BOY’ off the walls of the Egyptian Theatre.

Guests: Don Coscarelli & Cast in Person

4K Restoration

Director: Don Coscarelli
Country: USA
Runtime: 88 minutes
Year: 1979


“With its blend of horror and sci-fi and crap and cool, and its deceitful story-line, Phantasm’s certainly unlike other American films of the period.” FILM4