September 28, 2014 | 9:30pm

FREE Screening in El Rey’s Theater @Egyptian

An ode to synth, gin and the 80’s, Yiannis Veslemes’ exquisite gem is one of the most unique films of this or any year.

Following Zano, an ancient vampire, as he arrives in Athens seeking pleasure, friendship and lots of gin, ‘Norway’ constantly twists and turns to create a neon-saturated, music-filled excess world which in turn enchants and mesmerizes.

Guaranteed to please lovers of excess in every possible way, ‘Norway’ is a love-letter to visual madness, a scathing commentary, an engulfing music poem and the sort of film that you’ll talk about for the rest of the festival. Do not miss!

Evrim Ersoy

“A skewed homage to the pulpy genre movies…full of disco-dancing decadence and retro-cool references, this offbeat Greek vampire saga is an enjoyably stylish rocky horror show” The Hollywood Reporter

“If you’re craving electronic music, handmade sets and 80s cinema homages aplenty with your basic vampire lore, then Yannis Veslemes’ debut feature Norway is one to keep an eye on.” Twitch

Tickets Available at Box Office Day-Of, 6pm Onwards

LA Premiere
Director: Yannis Veslemes
Country: Greece
Runtime: 73 minutes
Year: 2014