Nightbreed: The Cabal Cut

Egyptian Theatre / October 26, 2013 | 7:30pm

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1990, 144 min, USA, Dir: Clive Barker

Children of Baphomet, it is time to reclaim the night!

Beyond Fest is proud to announce its closing gala, From the Ruins of Midian: a Night with Clive Barker featuring Nightbreed: The Cabal Cut.

Released in 1990 to an awaiting legion of fans, Clive Barker’s Nightbreed was wrought with studio interference before it ever reached the screen.

Originally written as a fantastical love story occupied by monsters, Nightbreed was hacked and packaged as slasher fare by the time it opened in theaters. The result was a film that disappointed audiences, but most importantly negated the epic grandeur of its creator.

As rumors of found footage circulated, Nighbreed achieved a mythic status with a restored version quickly becoming the holy grail of genre film. A dedicated team surrounded Barker and, with his direct involvement, painstakingly inserted footage sourced from his original shoot.

Nightbreed is presented at Beyond Fest in the version that best represents Barker’s defining intent: The Cabal Cut.

Discussion following the film with Clive Barker and CABAL CUT producer Mark Miller, moderated by Geoff Boucher. Join us after the film and Q&A for a Monster’s Ball Gala in the Courtyard with music from Death Waltz Recording Company!

From writer / director Clive Barker:

“For two decades there has been a rumour that if the missing forty five minutes of material that was shot when the movie was thought to be a viable tale to tell, could be found and reinstated then perhaps the tribes of the moon would walk again.

“Two men – Russell Cherrington and Mark Miller – pursued the impossible. They found the missing pieces and using my original screenplay as a map, took the raw footage, found passages from Danny Elfman’s sublime score which would carry the emotional life of the escalating narrative, and brought the epic back to life.

“Now it has been seen in special screenings all around the world, and the Nightbreed have finally found their real home: in the dreams of audiences who had wanted to keep the company of monsters since they’d first heard of Midian.”

Nightbreed has been the film that refused to die, and rightfully so. The Cabal Cut represents not just the purest articulation of Barker’s vision but the realization and preservation of a true artist’s grand design.

Immediately post screening, Clive Barker and Cabal Cut producer Mark Miller, will be joined on stage with Geoff Boucher to discuss the remarkable journey of this important film. The night’s festivities continue past the Q&A as the famed courtyard of the Egyptian Theatre will house a Monster’s Ball with sounds provided courtesy of Death Waltz Records.