October 1 | 7:30pm / With Brian Helgeland in Person

Opening Night | LA Premiere

Based on the novel The Profession of Violence, LEGEND follows the unparalleled criminal history of London’s most notorious gangsters, the Kray twins. Both played by Tom Hardy, Ronnie and Reggie Kray terrorized the East End of London throughout the sixties and left a legacy of violence, fear and respect that existed decades after their demise.

Told from the perspective of Reggie’s wife Frances (Emily Browning) the film is unflinchingly vicious and brilliantly funny. Its glossy representation of London’s East End might seem a little strange to some but Brian Helgeland’s outsider perspective brings a wonderful and much needed counter-balance to the gruesomeness of the Krays’ horrific acts of brutality.

I have to make a mention of the almost comical detective Leonard ‘Nipper’ Read (Christopher Eccleston) who is consistently ridiculed in his attempts to bring down the Krays. He is a perfect foil to the high pitched madness of Ronnie Kray and the hard, unhappy reality of Frances and Reggie’s partnership.

The film is superbly balanced with some of the best performances in any film this year, with Hardy himself claiming these were the most challenging roles for him to date. Brian Helgeland’s glossy crime thriller will impress those that know the history of the Krays and leave those that aren’t familiar in a state of shock and awe.

Evrim Ersoy

Special Thanks to Universal Pictures and Legendary Pictures

Guests: Brian Helgeland in Person

Director: Brian Helgeland
Country: USA
Year: 2015
Runtime: 131 minutes


Together, the Kray brothers take over the city. But as their reign expands, power-struggles, fierce madness, and a woman weakens their bond – the weak link that could cause their empire to collapse.