Henenlotter Triple: Basket Case / Brain Damage / Frankenhooker


February 23, 2018 | 7:30PM | Egyptian Theatre


Co-Presented with Cinematic Void and Arrow Video

New 4K Restoration by MoMA!
1982, 91 min, Dir: Frank Henenlotter
If you’d been separated from a horribly deformed, bloodthirsty Siamese twin, wouldn’t you carry him around in a basket like Keven Van Hentenryck does? A campy cult classic!

35 mm!
1988, 84 min, Dir: Frank Henenlotter
BASKET CASE writer-director Frank Henenlotter returns with this cult horror-comedy. Brian (Rick Hearst) becomes addicted to a parasite’s hallucinogenic secretions, and keeps the creature happy with a steady supply of human brains.

35 mm!
1990, 85 min, Dir: Frank Henenlotter
From the director of BASKET CASE, comes a FRANKENSTEIN adaptation for the 42nd Street grindhouse set. Brilliant scientist Jeffrey is distraught after his fiancée Elizabeth is killed by a freak lawnmower accident. With only her severed head, Jeffrey decides he must rebuild the love of his life, but he needs body parts. In order to collect the parts, Jeffrey gives unsuspecting prostitutes crack cocaine that causes them to explode. With the pick of streetwalker body parts, Jeffrey rebuilds and re-animates Elizabeth. But instead of bringing back his fiancée, Jeffrey has created a super human undead hooker looking to turn tricks.