He Never Died

October 7 | 7:30pm / With Henry Rollins, Jason Krawczyk & Shepard Fairey In Person

West Coast Premiere | Moderated by Shepard Fairey

“Blood. Bullets. Bingo.” promises the poster of Jason Krawczyk’s wildly inventive vampire / cannibal / not-quite-sure tale, HE NEVER DIED, and fortunately for us he stays true the tagline.

Punk icon Henry Rollins is Jack, a dark loner whose life is turned upside down by the arrival of Andrea (Jordan Todosey), a girl claiming to be his daughter. Jack’s routine of bingo and cannibalism is severely hampered when his past returns to haunt him as Andrea is kidnapped by men intent on killing him. With a history of murder to reference, Jack heads out on a bloody rampage of revenge and redemption.

After two decades of “paying his dues” Rollins finally gets his shot to grab a leading role by throat. And with it Rollins does what Rollins does: he rips its open and drinks its blood. Literally. That said, this is a different Rollins from any we’ve seen before, sure, he was superhuman as a front man but here his superhuman (or supernatural?) powers come with a stoic reticence to splinter your bones, unless he’s really provoked, of course.

In his review, Scott Weinberg calls Rollins a “force of nature” and he wasn’t kidding. His performance, like the film itself, is a singular experience that is a weird and wonderful joy to watch. That it comes from one of our own makes it all the more satisfying.

Christian Parkes

Special thanks to Alternate Ending Studios, JoBro Film Finances, Ltd, and Vertical Entertainment

Guests: Henry Rollins and Jason Krawczyk

Director: Jason Krawczyk
Country: USA
Runtime: 99 minutes
Year: 2015


“A virtually hypnotic combination of film noir, character study, crime story, and surprisingly effective horror.” Nerdist