October 19th | 2:00PM | Aero Theatre
Discussion following HARD TARGET with director John Woo.

35 mm!
1997, Paramount, 138 min, USA, Dir: John Woo
A wild, dizzying thrill ride of a pulp epic that is probably the closest in spirit to Woo’s earlier Hong Kong thrillers. Federal agent John Travolta and psychotic master criminal Nicolas Cage exchange identities when a bizarre undercover operation to coax information out of Cage’s brother goes horribly wrong. Cat-and-mouse pyrotechnics mushroom as the beleaguered undercover man feverishly tries to recapture his nemesis – and his face. With Joan Allen and Gina Gershon. “A cinema of violent delirium so breathtaking it plays like visual poetry.” – Kenneth Turan, The Los Angeles Times.

35 mm!
1993, Universal, 97 min, USA, Dir: John Woo
Action star Jean-Claude Van Damme is Chance Boudreaux, a down-on-his luck merchant sailor hired to help a young lawyer searching for her missing father. When a citywide police strike sends New Orleans into chaos, two former mercenaries (Lance Henriksen and Arnold Vosloo) organize a deadly safari game, and Chance must use his high-powered martial arts skills to battle a sadistic band of hunters preying on homeless veterans.


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