October 8 | 7:30pm / With Ninja & Friends

Ninja Presents ERASERHEAD: A Night of Zef Absurdia

One of the original Midnight Movies that played the New York City circuit , ERASERHEAD instantly confirmed director David Lynch as singular and major talent.

Less a film than a mood, its images are that of nightmares and its soundtrack is as jarring and unnerving as the visuals they accompany. ERASERHEAD tells the (loose) story of Henry Spencer (Jack Nance), a man fearing both fatherhood and intimacy and the shocking impact when he is confronted by both forces.

His girlfriend Mary X (Charlotte Stewart) gives birth but this isn’t a photogenic child, this is a squealing shrieking mutant covered in pus, blood and god-knows-what-else. Of course, Mary soon abandons the baby, Henry and their home, leaving him to cope alone, well, I say alone but he does have comfort from the lady that lives in the radiator and sings show tunes.

You don’t watch ERASERHEAD you experience it, or more to the point, it steamrolls you into submission. Lynch and Alan Splet spent a year on the sound design to create something unlike anything else you have ever heard. You may have watched ERASERHEAD at home but until you have seen it on the big screen with big sound I’m not sure you can really say you have experienced it in all of its transgressive glory.

Citing it as a source of constant inspiration, ERASERHEAD has been personally selected by Ninja (Die Antwoord) who has promised to bring some friends to participate in this event screening. We are honored and excited to have him be a part of this year’s Beyond Fest.

Spencer Hickman

Guests: Ninja & Friends

Director: David Lynch
Country: USA
Runtime: 89 minutes
Year: 1977


“What a masterpiece of texture, a feat of artisanal attention, an ingenious assemblage of damp, dust, rock, wood, hair, flesh, metal, ooze.” Village Voice

“It represented a monumental shift in how movies are seen and digested — one that raised the level of aptitude and film literacy throughout the world.” Hollywood Reporter