Der Bunker

Free Screening / October 8 | 9:30pm / Plays with Sister Hell
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West Coast Premiere

All that young student Klaus wants is a quiet place to study – somewhere where he can focus on his very important work.

However, Mother and Father, who are renting him a room in their family’s bunker, have different ideas…They need a VERY special kind of tutor for their son because Klaus will one day grow up to be a VERY important person.

Both absurdist and razor-sharp, Nikias Chryssos’s debut feature is a trip into the twilight zone of adolescence. Featuring bizarre performances, deadly punchlines and a talking gangrene leg wound named ‘Heinrich,’ DER BUNKER’ is unlike anything you’re likely to see this year.

If you’re a fan of DOGTOOTH or KLOWN, then you’ll be right at home in the weird world of Chryssos’s DER BUNKER, a creation combining laughs with very uneasy moments for a delicious and unforgettable mix.

Evrim Ersoy

Special Thanks to Artsploitation Films


“Twisted and trashy in equal measure, The Bunker (Der Bunker) is an eccentric and idiosyncratic dark fairytale.” Hollywood Reporter

Screening in Shudder Theatre @Egyptian

Director: Nikias Chryssos
Country: Germany
Runtime: 85 minutes
Year: 2015


Preceded by:
Director: Fredrik Hana
Runtime: 15 minutes
A reclusive nun is tempted to leave the monastery. Her dream is to become a curvy, voluptuous woman; to become how she really feels inside. With cautious steps, she ventures towards the sinful city.