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US Premiere

A burnt out nurse moves into a new apartment in search of a simpler life. But when her shower curtains begin to disappear through a mysterious portal she discovers there’s no such thing as simple in this world, or any other.

Jaron Henrie-McCrea’s heartfelt, lo-fi follow up to his debut Pervertigo is an amazing meld of Hitchcock and Henenlotter – using any and every course to hand, Jaron conjures up a world of portals, cults and madmen filtering it through a touching and funny sensitivity which keeps you hooked throughout.

Great visuals, aided by simple yet entertainingly effective special effects, hide a tale with many twists – all deftly handled, building to an eye-popping climax with a heavy dose of insanity.

There is unlikely to be another 75 minutes in 2015 that is as jam-packed and entertaining as Curtain.

A stark reminder of how charming, entertaining, and sharp cinema can be when helmed by someone with a keen eye.

Evrim Ersoy

“…endlessly inventive and ambitious, blending the lo-fi creature effects (and 80s sensibilities) of Basket Case with the high-concept oddity of Being John Malkovich.”
Sight and Sound


Screening in Shudder Theatre @Egyptian

Director: Jaron Henrie-McCrea
Country: UK
Runtime: 74 minutes
Year: 2015


Preceded by:
Director: Luke Bramley, Gigi Saul Guerro
Runtime: 14 minutes
Whilst attempting to cross the Mexican border on foot, a Mexican man encounters a cannibalistic, sadistic family headed by the vicious luchador EL GIGANTE.