City of the Living Dead

October 2 | 10:00pm / SPECIAL Double Feature with THE BEYOND: COMPOSER'S CUT

Double Feature with THE BEYOND: COMPOSER’S CUT

Lucio Fulci’s gore drenched gothic horror follows the struggles of two couples as they try and close a portal to hell opened by a priest that committed suicide.

You have to love Lucio Fulci. One of the most prolific directors working in Italy throughout the 70s & 80s, he’s best known for his horror movies, most especially for his so called Gates of Hell trilogy: The Beyond, House By The Cemetery and possibly his most baffling entry, City Of The Living Dead.

It’s almost as if Fulci threw the script out of the window before he began shooting; the story is pedestrian to say the least. A priest hangs himself and opens a portal to hell that two couples have to try and close in order to save mankind.

To be fair to the story, acting & pacing have always been of little interest to Fulci. He was far more interested in setting the moody atmosphere of the town called Dunwich, delivering the most outrageous gore set pieces he had yet committed to film, and, of course, making sure the zombies were capable of teleportation!

Yes, that’s right: It doesn’t matter if these zombies are fast or slow. They can teleport. It’s ends up playing like a delirious fever dream soaked in reds, blues and dry ice. Absolutely essential Euro horror.

Spencer Hickman

Special Thanks to Grindhouse Releasing

Director: Lucio Fulci
Composer: Fabio Frizzi
Country: Italy
Runtime: 85 minutes
Year: 1981


For VIP ticket holders
– Soundcheck: 5:30pm – 6:00pm
– Signing: 6:00pm – 7:00pm
*Please note that Fabio Frizzi will only be able to sign a maximum of two items per person

For general admission ticket holders
– Doors open: 6:30pm

Evening Schedule
– Sneak Screening: 7:45pm
– The Beyond: Composer’s Cut: 8:15pm
– Gates of Hell: 10:00pm