Beyond the Walls

October 3 | 7:30pm / Special Free Screening / West Coast Premiere
 FREE Screening / No Advance Tickets: Tickets available from Egyptian Theatre box office day of show starting at 6pm; 2 tix per person max.

West Coast Premiere

When Lisa, a young speech therapist, inherits a mysterious mansion from a man she has never met, she is intrigued. However, it is when she moves into the house that she discovers the secret that lives beyond the walls – an entire world unseen by anyone outside: of cults, minotaurs and more!

Lisa is a young speech therapist who moves into a townhouse she has mysteriously inherited. She discovers hallways and rooms that suddenly appear then disappear, filling her with terror. Her ever-shifting house is also manipulating other occupants, interweaving space-time continuums that lead Lisa on an initiatory journey into the deepest recesses of her psyche.

This mesmerizing French thriller mini-series takes everything you know about the haunted house genre and turns it on its head: from grand set pieces to cults which only exist in the imagination, ‘Beyond The Walls’ is a frightening, one-of-a-kind experience that will linger long in your memory after it’s finished.

Directed by comic book veteran Herve Hadmar, ‘Beyond The Walls’ is a moody, engaging piece of television that works equally well on the big screen: a distinct visual style which defines the ever-changing house grabs our attention from the first frame onwards but it’s the exploration deeper into the walls that gives the series its’ endless hook – from lush green forests to weird industrial sites, the location of ‘Beyond The Walls’ is an ever-intriguing maze that traps the audience alongside its’ lead.

Add to the mix a terrific score, some brilliant acting and a throat-grabbing script and there’s more than enough reason to binge it and discover all its secrets at once.

Evrim Ersoy

Special Thanks to Shudder

Plays in the Shudder Theatre @Egyptian


Director: Hervé Hadmar
Country: France
Runtime: 91 minutes
Year: 2016