Nightcrawler Called ‘nasty, funny film’ by The Guardian at Toronto Film Festival

Nightcrawler which is to screen later this month at Beyond Fest with the director Dan Gilroy in attendance is currently wowing audiences at Toronto International Film Festival.

Reporting from the festival, Henry Barnes wrote in his glowing review:

“From a subdued start Nightcrawler unfurls into a ghoulish and wickedly funny satire on journalism, the job market and self-help culture. Lou is a retro creation: a strange, real character lurking in a moral grey area. Gyllenhaal, slimmed down and bug-eyed, looks like Nosferatu, but has the manic vulnerability of Andy Kaufman. Lou’s like a Wes Anderson character who’s ambition has warped into a realm of violent sociopathy.”

Barnes concludes: “Nightcrawler is a nasty, funny film. A tribute to the vile and a celebration of the dark.”