Do Not Miss The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Due to overwhelming demand, TIFF Midnight Madness breakout smash THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE moves from the Shudder Theatre to the big room for a special free screening this Friday, October 7th at 10:30pm, at the Egyptian Theatre during Beyond Fest.

Visionary André Øvredal’s long awaited follow-up to cult classic TROLL HUNTER cuts to the bone as father-and-son coroners (Brian Cox & Emile Hirsch) unravel a horrific mystery wrapped in a terrifying riddle when the body of a murdered young woman arrives for a late-night examination.

On the heels of its incredible reign of terror through Toronto & Austin, THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE is ready to scare the hell out of LA with its highly anticipated West Coast premiere at Beyond Fest. Talent and filmmakers will be in attendance, including co-producer Eric Garcia and writers Ian Goldberg & Richard Naing.

Do not miss your chance to catch this year’s super shocker on LA’s most gorgeous screen in advance of its December 21st release. Join over 600 cinemaniacs at this absolutely free screening of one of 2016’s most hotly flicks, courtesy of Shudder and IFC Films.

Free tickets will be available at the Egyptian Theatre box office beginning at 6pm on the day of the screening (10/7). No advance tickets available; first come, first serve.

Watch this space and follow Beyond Fest on Twitter for updates. RSVP on Facebook.

With a 75% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, you cannot miss this year’s must-see horror masterpiece!


“With The Autopsy of Jane Doe, André Øvredal has placed himself in this new generation’s group of great horror filmmakers. My generation has had filmmakers like David Cronenberg, John Carpenter, Sam Raimi, Wes Craven – let us now welcome the new architects of our nightmares.”


“THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE Is This Year’s BABADOOK.” Birth.Movies.Death.


“The Autopsy of Jane Doe is proof that Trollhunter was no fluke – André Øvredal is one of the most clever guys making genre movies today.” /Film