West Coast Premiere

Joe Begos’ second film of 2019 is being described by the filmmaker as “‘The Wild Bunch’ meets ‘Night Of The Living Dead,’” a star-studded bloodbath where Vietnam vets Steven Lang, Fred Williamson, William Sadler, and Martin Kove have to defend their V.F.W post from a band of post-apocalyptic, drug-addicted mutants who are after a woman named Lizard who stole their stash of ‘Hype’ and has holed up in the bar with the aforementioned vets.

The film utilises the confines of the bar to ratchet up the tension and fill the screen with buckets of blood. It’s an absolute riot seeing our grizzled crew taking out the gang by ever-more violent means. The film zips along with Begos’ trademark insanity and punk rock ethos and never lets up on the violence.

Our gang of old-timers play off each other perfectly and really do seem like they spend every day together getting shitfaced in the bar, their friendship and loyalty helping them deal with with a bunch of near-zombie addicts desperate to get their fix back at any cost. Killer stuff and another winner from Begos and crew.

Spencer Hickman

🎟️ Double feature with BLISS
Director: Joe Begos
Country: USA
Runtime: 92 min.
Year: 2019
Guests: Discussion following with director Joe Begos and actors George Wendt, William Sadler, Fred Williamson, Sierra McCormick, Tom Williamson, and Graham Skipper, and producers Josh Ethier and Dallas Sonnier

October 5
7:30 pm (1h 30′)

Hulu Theatre @The Egyptian