World Premiere

Writer/Director/Star Jim Cummings (THUNDER ROAD) travels to a small, snowbound town in Utah for his darkly comic horror-thriller THE WOLF OF SNOW HOLLOW.

Snow Hollow is plagued by a spate of gruesome murders that coincide with the full moon. While the coroner and townsfolk think a 7-foot wolf may be responsible, Officer John Marshall (Cummings) rejects this idea as nonsense and believes a serial killer is on the loose.
Sleep-deprived single dad Marshall is a small-town cop with a big chip on his shoulder. His father is the town’s Sheriff (in a terrific turn by the late Robert Forster), a formidable man suffering from severe heart murmurs who refuses to retire for fear of being replaced by his lower-ranking son.

It’s fair to say that Cummings’ character in this movie is an absolute asshole; he’s a recovering alcoholic (that isn’t recovering too well) who is always screaming at his ex-wife, his 17 year old daughter, and work colleagues. He’s unpredictable, immature and hot-headed.

To say more would spoil the plot; suffice it to say that SNOW HOLLOW is a real joy to behold as the story unfolds, taking several unexpected turns along the way. What drives the film is the electric script and acting. Cummings is a terrific screen presence and watching Forster on screen reminds you of how badly he is missed. Riki Lindhorne (Gilmore Girls) delivers a wonderfully understated performance as Officer Julia Robson (Marshall’s partner at the station), providing the voice of reason throughout.

Cummings utilizes a limited budget to his advantage, with minimal gore for maximum effect as the camera pans across the desolate vista of snow-covered Utah. The very definition of a film that Beyond Fest wants to support, SNOW HOLLOW is smart, funny, scary, bloody, and made with tons of heart that shines through in every scene. A real low budget wonder with high impact, this one is not to be missed.

Spencer Hickman

🎟️ Ticket purchase includes entry to both THE WOLF OF SNOW HOLLOW and THE ‘BURBS.
Director: Jim Cummings
Country: USA
Runtime: 85 min.
Year: 2020

October 2
7:30 pm (1h 30′)

Mission Tiki Drive-In Theatre

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