“I’m not into politics, I’m into survival.”

Hot off the summer smash success of “Predator,” Arnold Schwarzenegger ended 1987 with “The Running Man,” a futuristic thriller based on Stephen King’s novel.

Set in a future of martial law and a government that dictates what to watch and read, the hottest thing going is The Running Man, a game show where convicts are hunted down by well-armed, modern day gladiators.

Arnie is Ben Richards, a former police officer framed for mass murder during a food riot. Working with the underground resistance, he escapes and tries to go back to normal life, but is soon captured along with spunky civilian Amber Mendez (Maria Conchita Alonso) and they’re both thrown into the barbaric reality show.

Working loosely off of King’s novel, “48 Hours” and “Commando” screenwriter Steven E. de Souza ups the black humor to match the outlandish action of the 2017-set tale.

TV’s Paul Michael Glaser replaced Andrew Davis early in production after budget and schedule concerns but managed to create an entertaining and funny film ahead of its time.

Turning 30, “The Running Man” has experienced a bit of a resurgence in recent years due to phenomenon “The Hunger Games” bearing many similarities, along with our current political state and rise of media influenced narratives, for better or worse. (Duvien Ho)

30th Anniversary

Director: Paul Michael Glaser
Country: United States
Runtime: 101 minutes
Format: 35mm
Year: 1987

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Person

Discussion before PREDATOR with Arnold Schwarzenegger.  

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