West Coast Premiere

Mary, on the day of her 60th birthday, finds her past coming back to haunt her: A twenty-five-year old debt means the mob is ready to collect with interest, their sights set on the strip club she has run all her life. There’s only one thing she can do: mount her defences and stand her ground in a spiral of violence and revenge that will leave no one in her life untouched.

Directed by Orson Oblowitz with verve and skill, THE QUEEN OF HOLLYWOOD BLVD. is an L.A. noir of the darkest order: a one-day odyssey of a character’s reckoning reminiscent of FRIENDS OF EDDIE COYLE and TOO LATE. Shot with a neon palette, the film presents a seedy, crumbling L.A., a city too intoxicated with its own image to realise its prime may have past.

In the middle of it all, photographed spectacularly by Luke Hanlein’s astute eye, towers and glowers powerhouse Rosemary Hochschild. She is a tour-de-force, commanding every inch of Mary, a woman whose eyes speak volumes about the many lives she’s lived.

Hochschild’s performance of Mary is unrepentant, a sinner who has accepted who she is and has made her peace with it. There’s real strength in her defiance. A mesmerising role for a mesmerising performer, THE QUEEN OF HOLLYWOOD BLVD. is carried on Hochschild’s shoulders.

Set along the neon-grimed streets of Hollywood Blvd. where the QUEEN reigns, do not miss your chance to experience this film’s literal homecoming at Beyond Fest. This is a cinematic experience that will rank amongst the highlights of your festival experience this year.

Evrim Ersoy

Director: Orson Oblowitz
Country: USA
Runtime: 90 min.
Year: 2018
Guests: Orson Oblowitz in Person


 Free Screening: Tickets available at Egyptian Theatre box office day of show at 6 PM; 2 tix per person max. No way to reserve online.

September 29
9:30 pm (1h 40′)

Egyptian Theatre: Shudder Screen

Free Screening