West Coast Premiere

Asger Holm prepares for another routine night at work as a dispatch officer. It is his last day in the role; he hopes to be reinstated for active duty the next day. However an emergency call from a kidnapped woman will change his entire life. As the call is disconnected, Holm is thrown into a race against time to save the caller, but not everything is what it seems and what he suspects is a kidnapping might be something much, much bigger.

Gustav Möller’s one location, high-concept thriller set over the course of one night is a brilliant example of how much a terrific actor and a nail-biting script can achieve. One of the big hits out of Sundance, “The Guilty” is incredibly clever in its construction; what is driven by the central concept expands to allow a smart and incredible character examination. Asger’s flawed nature is laid bare with real humanity, yielding a depth not usually seen in films of this nature.

To say any more would be a disservice to a film whose pleasures are best experienced blind. Once the credits roll at the film’s conclusion, know that you will be able to breathe again.

Evrim Ersoy

Director: Gustav Möller
Country: Denmark
Runtime: 85 min.
Year: 2018
Guests: Gustav Möller in Person


 Free Screening: Tickets available at Egyptian Theatre box office day of show at 6 PM; 2 tix per person max. No way to reserve online.

September 30
9:45 pm (1h 40′)

Egyptian Theatre: Shudder Screen

Free Screening