What’s left to say about David Cronenberg’s universally acclaimed 1986 masterpiece?

Nothing, other than there has never been nor will there ever be a more visceral, brilliant meld of body horror and discourse on nature in the history of cinema.

Jeff Goldblum stars as scientist Seth Brundle, a man driven by passion, the most human character imaginable, who is called to challenge the very boundaries of what humankind can achieve.

When Seth starts a tentative relationship with Geena Davis’ Veronica, a brilliant journalist, the two are thrust onto a path that will see them discover the dark victories of science in the grossest, most brilliant story ever told!

Still hailed as the masterpiece that allowed Cronenberg to catch the eye of the mainstream, THE FLY is pure genre, a Brundle bundle delivered like an unholy jolt to the veins.

From the brilliant score by Howard Shore to the groundbreaking visual FX from Chris Walas and Stephan Dupuis, the film has not aged – it is a timeless cornerstone of cinema.

Do not miss this opportunity to see THE FLY on the biggest screen imaginable with the crowd it was made for. Cocoon yourself in a true master’s vision and let Seth Brundle tell you all about insect politics!

Evrim Ersoy

Director: David Cronenberg
Country: USA / UK / Canada
Runtime: 96 min.
Year: 1986
Guests: David Cronenberg, Howard Shore and Geena Davis in Person!


 Double-feature: with NAKED LUNCH. One ticket for both films!

September 30
7:00 pm (3h)

Egyptian Theatre

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