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Ray Peterson is an overstressed, average all-American man living an average all-American life in the suburbs until new neighbors move into the house next door and throw the delicate cul-de-sac’s equilibrium into disarray with their strange habits, ugly house, and the weird noises that emanate from their property at night. When a beloved elderly neighbor disappears without a word, it’s up to Ray and his paranoid, weird array of friends take it upon themselves to find out what’s happened. What is the dark secret the Klopeks are hiding?

Joe Dante’s masterful marriage of paranoid thriller and comical suburban satire finds life in its legendary cast starting with Tom Hanks as average Ray Peterson, Rick Ducommun as his best bud Art, Bruce Dern as militia-nut Rumsfield, Corey Feldman as the bemused teen observing the neighborhood antics, the ever-sinister Henry Gibson as the Klopek patriarch, and the late, great Carrie Fisher as Carol Peterson.

Mining the mundane and the ordinary for humor, Dante crafts a mirror world of our own where things are only slightly askew enough for us to feel uneasy. His archetypal characters transcend their caricature origins, giving us a portrait of America maybe only matched by Bob Balaban’s ‘PARENTS’ from the same decade.

A classic truly deserving of the moniker, ‘THE ‘BURBS’ will thrill, chill and entertain like no other.

Evrim Ersoy

🎟️ Ticket purchase includes entry to both THE WOLF OF SNOW HOLLOW and THE ‘BURBS.
Director: Joe Dante
Country: USA
Runtime: 102 min.
Year: 1989

October 2
9:30 pm (1h 40′)

Mission Tiki Drive-In Theatre

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