West Coast Premiere

Like a laser bolt from an alternate universe, “Tammy and the T-Rex” beams down to the Egyptian guaranteeing the weirdest experience in a cinema ever envisioned. Now with added gore, this brilliantly odd hybrid of sci-fi, offbeat comedy and rom-com is one of the greatest oddities forgotten: Finally, we can right this egregious wrong and introduce to you the wonder that is Tammy.

Michael is a high-school student in love with his sweetheart Tammy. The two of them have fairly normal lives, barring regular fights with Tammy’s ex, the school bully Billy. But when Michael is killed trying to escape Billy and his thugs, his body is kidnapped by evil scientist Dr. Wachenstein, who transfers his brain into a giant, mechanical T-Rex. Soon, Michael is wreaking havoc on his high school tormentors, continuing his romance with Tammy AND trying to stop the evil doctor—as a dinosaur!

Featuring the holy trifecta of Paul Walker, Denise Richards and Terry Kiser in the lead roles and stellar SFX work by legend John Carl Buechler (“Ghoulies,” “A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master,” “Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood,” “TerrorVision” and many more), “Tammy and the T-Rex” is a weirdo classic that deserves to be seen in all its splatterrrific gore on the biggest screen possible with a room filled with the People’s Republic of Beyond Fest. Grab a beer, or a few, settle in, and get ready to have your mind blown away by tyrannosaurus terror!

Evrim Ersoy

Special Thanks to the American Genre Film Archive

Director: Stewart Raffill
Country: USA
Runtime: 82 min.
Year: 1994
Guests: Hosted by Jonah Ray, with director Stewart Raffill, producer Diane Kirman and actor John Goff in Person

September 30
10:30 pm (1h 20′)

Hulu Theatre @The Egyptian