West Coast Premiere

From director Carlo Mirabella-Davis comes a bizarre and moving film that features Haley Bennett in an outstanding performance as Hunter—a young woman with a very peculiar obsession.

Hunter seemingly has the perfect life: she’s married to the handsome and gorgeous Ritchie, has a pristine home decorated in the most perfect, Barbie-dollhouse way imaginable, and has more money than she could spend in a lifetime thanks to her husband’s obscenely rich and snooty family. So why can’t she stop ingesting household objects that vary from the small and insignificant to the deadly and dangerous? One thing is for sure: strange habits like this cannot stay hidden for long under the scrutinizing eyes of suburbia and there’s no way her family will accept her strange preoccupations.

An incredible debut from director Miralle-Davis, SWALLOW examines the subconscious world of a woman and her coping mechanism for past trauma through a very graphic representation. Each ingested object brings Hunter closer to revealing a truth that she’s trying to suppress, but first she has to contend with endless social obstacles before she can even consider her own identity and feelings in a world manufactured to make her obey.

A standout hit at Tribeca Film Festival where it premiered earlier this year, Beyond Fest is delighted to be able to share the arrival of a brave new voice of genre cinema with an L.A. audience. Experience SWALLOW on the big screen, where its incredible impact will have you reeling in the aisles long after the credits roll.

Evrim Ersoy

🆓 Tickets available at the Egyptian Theatre box office one hour before showtime; 2 tix per person max. No way to reserve online or via phone.
Director: Carlo Mirabella-Davise
Country: USA | France
Runtime: 94 min.
Year: 2019

October 6
5:00 pm (1h 35′)

Huluween Theatre @The Egyptian

Free Screening