West Coast Premiere

Swapping his usual vibrant color palette for an aesthetic largely inspired by the Chinese ink-wash painting tradition of shuimohua, Zhang Yimou presents another historic slice of war and intrigue set in the historically rich period of the Three Kingdoms (AD 220-280).

The King of Pei (Zheng) is a wild and ambitious man who aims to conquer or destroy everything in his path. Whilst he is served by his loyal military Commander (Deng), his court teems with betrayal and machinations.

To deceive enemies both within and outside the kingdom, the Commander has cultivated a “shadow” – a look-alike who can pass for him and easily trick just about anyone (also played by Deng). As interested parties prepare to battle for control of the walled city of Jing, the stage is set for an explosive and treacherous confrontation from which few will survive.

With brilliant performances by Zheng Kai and Deng Chao, Zhang Yimou’s magnificent epic combines stunning visuals with an intricate plot that will both delight and surprise fans of the genre.

The scale of the action is absolutely spectacular and larger than life; Yimou’s staging of these scenes is nothing short of groundbreaking. Add in Zai Lao’s glorious and breathtaking score and it’s not hard to see why SHADOW is a must-experience for the big screen.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or discovering the director for the first time, Zhang’s latest is an unmissable, enthralling ancient painting come to life.

Evrim Ersoy

Director: Zhang Yimou
Country: China
Runtime: 116 min.
Year: 2018

October 5
10:15 pm (1h 40′)

Egyptian Theatre: Hulu Screen

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