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The setup is familiar – Jennifer is on a weekend getaway with her lover at an incredible summer house right on the edge of the desert. He is married & rich, she is beautiful, alluring and fun.

Just as they settle into the house, his friends turn up unexpectedly. They’re rich men too, taking a weekend out at the house they share to enjoy some hunting. At first everything is wonderful: the group eat, drink & be merry. However it’s not long before the men turn on Jennifer: they have…expectations. When she doesn’t satisfactorily meet them, they simply kill her.

But this is not that movie.

This is the story of Jennifer, the smart and vicious woman who will survive, no matter the odds. This is the story of men whose masculinity pushes them to seek revenge on a woman who will not play their games. There will be blood, oh yes, but it will not be Jennifer’s.

Flipping the entire trope of the ‘rape-revenge’ movie on its head, Coralie Fargeat’s subversive feature debut is everything the genre needs: a re-invention not only of the setting, the characters & the language, but also a condemnation of the tropes we have all tolerated up to this point.

Blessed with eye-popping visuals that owe more than a debt to 70’s cinema and a killer soundtracks, “Revenge” is a thrill ride that builds to a climax so incredibly over-the-top that you will be helplessly screaming straight down through the denouement!

Don’t miss this white-knuckled brutality ride at Beyond Fest under any circumstances! (Evrim Ersoy)

West Coast Premiere

Director: Coralie Fargeat
Country: France
Runtime: 108 minutes
Format: DCP
Year: 2017

Free Screening in the Shudder Theatre @Egyptian

October 4
9:45 pm (1h 50′)

Shudder Theatre @Egyptian

Free Screening