Director Brian De Palma’s vivid re–imagining of The Phantom of the Opera is at once camp, surreal, dazzling and heartbreaking; an awe-inspiring pastiche of several European classic novels given the musical rock opera horror comedy treatment.

Cutthroat record tycoon Swan (Paul Williams, who also wrote the fine score) overhears a soul-stirring original composition performed by Winslow Leach (William Finley) and decides he must have it, by any means.

Producer of cheesy, 50s-style nostalgia band The Juicy Fruits, Swan hears in Leach’s performance the perfect music to open his new concert hall, “The Paradise,” and proceeds to methodically destroy Leach’s mind, body, and soul to get it.

De Palma turns what could have been a lightweight indulgence into clever pop-culture commentary in this cult classic that has inspired everyone from Bret Easton Ellis to Daft Punk; don’t miss the chance to see it on the Egyptian’s enormous, immaculate screen!

Co-presented with Creature Features

Director: Brian De Palma
Country: United States
Runtime: 92 minutes
Format: DCP
Year: 1974

Discussion following screening with Paul Williams.

October 1
4:00 pm (1h 40′)

Egyptian Theatre

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