Dario Argento’s “Opera” is a dizzying masterpiece of hyper-brutal giallo set against a backdrop of a contemporary telling of Verdi’s “Macbeth,” and the mysterious happenings both on and off stage.

Betty, a young aspiring opera singer and understudy to the main star, gets the chance to take the lead when the production’s starlet falls and breaks her leg. Betty soon becomes paranoid about the curse of MacBeth when a young stage hand and several Ravens are butchered behind the scenes.

In true giallo style there is a leather-gloved killer on the loose and it isn’t long before the killer is stalking Betty, tying her up, placing rows of  needles on sellotape under her eyes and forcing her (and us) to watch some of the most outrageous violence Argento has ever committed to celluloid.

Kitchen knives are repeatedly thrust into throats until they scrape against teeth, eyeballs are plucked out in bloody close ups, shears are plunged into chests, and bullets go through skulls while heavy metal pummels your ears.

It’s delirious, unhinged filmmaking from a master so confident and without limits, you feel like you are complicit in the universe of mayhem he weaves.

“Opera” is absolutely one of Argento’s finest films and now you have the chance to fully experience its visual and aural assault on the Egyptian’s enormous screen, with The Master himself in the house! Don’t blow it. (Spencer Hickman)

Special Thanks to Dario Argento

30th Anniversary

Director: Dario Argento
Country: Italy
Runtime: 100 minutes
Format: TBD
Year: 1987

Discussion following with Dario Argento & William McNamara.

Double Feature with SUSPIRIA – 35mm Italian Cut

*You do not need to buy two separate tickets – buying one ticket will get you into both features*

October 2
10:00 pm (1h 40′)

Egyptian Theatre

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