“Napoleon Dynamite” is now a bond-fide classic which is almost universally loved.

The story of oddball Napoleon and his incredibly strange array of friends & family connects with the audience the way those 80’s John Hughes films did, with humanity shining through the quirks and idiosyncrasies of its characters and pulling directly on our heartstrings.

But what can improve such an odd and wonderful film, you might be wondering? How about bootleg subtitles full of swearing, vulgarity & an entirely new plotline?.

Stick with me. The story is this: The two producers of the film were doing some work in Phillipines and found a bootleg stand with a copy of ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ in a non-existent ‘R’rated edition. They bought the DVD as a joke but when they went back to the hotel and put it on – what they found BLEW their minds.

The English language DVD, for some unfathomable reason, had burnt-in English subtitles –  but these were not any ordinary subtitles, oh no! These were English subtitles translated via the help of Google from Mandarin back into English. And the results were SUBLIME!

For example a line in the original movie that says: “There are tons of gangs at this school. They’re all begging me to join because of my skills with a bow staff.” became in the bootleg version: “There are many basketball squadrons at this school. They all ask me to join, because I’m good at FUCKING.

That’s right! They translated “gangs” as “basketball squadrons” and “skills with a bow staff” as “fucking”!  And the whole movie is like that. It’s way funnier, and way more vulgar, than the original work ever was, truly earning an ‘R’ rating in the process.

And now, we get to share this crazy moment in time with you. Trust us. There has NEVER been a more Beyond Fest experience than “Napoleon Dynamite: The Bootlegged Edition.” Come and find out why.

Theatrical World Premiere

Director: Jared Hess
Country: United States
Runtime: 96 minutes
Format: DCP
Year: 2004

Guests Sandy Martin (Grandma), Jon Gries (Uncle Rico), Sean Covel (producer), and Chris “Doc” Wyatt (Producer) in Person.

Double Feature with HOWARD THE DUCK – 70mm

October 4
10:00 pm (1h 50′)

Egyptian Theatre

Tickets – $15