Is there a more important book in counterculture than NAKED LUNCH?

Some might argue perhaps and yet they would be hard-pressed to deny William S. Burroughs’ brilliant magnum opus, caked in the dregs of drug-induced hallucinations, thrusting the reader into a world of madness and obscenity and still finding the time to rally against a society morally bankrupt at its core.

How do you film such a gargantuan, largely trippy tome? Well, you give it to one of the undisputed masters of cinema and let him have his way with it. NAKED LUNCH is not just a literary adaptation, but THE definitive take on an author whose life is intermingled with all the stories and insanities he has collected over the years.

It is the ultimate biography that is also a kinky trip into the furthest screwed-out reaches of the human mind. Peter Weller stars as William Lee, an exterminator who develops an addiction to the bug spray he uses in his work that slowly finds himself embroiled in a nightmarish alternate world where conspiracies, giant insects and more intermingle in a weird port in North Africa called The Interzone.

An uneasy ride with sharp teeth, NAKED LUNCH is a movie that sets the dial to 11 and then mercilessly cranks it well past MAX – the closest experience to being in the throes of addiction, hallucinations and the desire to create, to write and to move forward, ever committed to celluloid.

Join Beyond Fest as it invokes the mastermind Cronenberg and projects his exquisite nightmare onto the screen it rightfully deserves: larger than life, louder than screams and endlessly mesmerizing.

Evrim Ersoy

Director: David Cronenberg
Country: Canada / UK / Japan
Runtime: 115 min.
Year: 1991
Guests: David Cronenberg, Howard Shore & Geena Davis in Person!


 Double-feature: with THE FLY. One ticket for both films!

September 30
7:00 pm (3h)

Egyptian Theatre

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