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Worlds will collide on Mulholland Drive.
Betty is a bright-eyed starlet traveling to Hollywood like the innumerable others before her. When her path crosses with Rita, who has become an amnesiac after a car-accident on the infamous titular road, the two women embark on an investigation to discover Rita’s true identity. However, nothing is what it seems and as realities collide, they will encounter a mysterious club, a sinister director, and a terrifying side of Los Angeles hidden inside a lethal blue box.

Perhaps the toxic nature of Hollywood is nothing new, however, when the person in charge of the narrative is David Lynch, all bets are off. His disturbing and meditative story ruminates on identity, desire, and the fabric of reality in a visual journey that anchors itself firmly with the language and rally points of classic cinema.

Naomi Watts and Laura Harring take on multiple characters in an ever-shifting clash of realities where there are no happy endings, where truth is fluid, and where Los Angeles itself is a character as old as time itself. Beguiling, seductive, vicious and hungry, LA feasts upon the starry-eyed millions drawn to its golden lights; the city is an ancient God, grotesque and irresistible as shown through Lynch’s singular, mesmerizing vision.

So accept the invitation to travel along this winding road to the depths of hell and the peaks of beauty and join Beyond Fest, arm-in-arm, in seeing exactly who is behind the curtain somewhere beyond the rainbow.

Evrim Ersoy

🎟️ Ticket purchase includes entry to BLUE VELVET, MULHOLLAND DRIVE and LOST HIGHWAY.
Director: David Lynch
Country: USA/France
Runtime: 147 min.
Year: 2001

October 3
9:30 pm (2h 30′)

Mission Tiki Drive-In Theatre

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