30th Anniversary Repertory Screening

Amongst the cannon of Stephen King adaptations, ‘MISERY’ stands head-and-shoulders above its counterparts, largely thanks to the magnetic charisma of its two monumental leads: James Caan as troubled writer Paul Sheldon and Kathy Bates as uberfan Annie Wilkes.

When Sheldon is involved in a car accident, he’s coincidentally rescued by his number one fan, Annie Wilkes. However, as Sheldon enjoys Wilkes’ hospitality, the whole scenario threatens to turn sour upon the admission of Sheldon’s intention to kill off the beloved main character in his novel. Suddenly Sheldon and Wilkes are locked in a violent battle of wits where there can only be one survivor.

Rob Reiner directs this incredible character-driven psycho-drama with the deftest hand, allowing the script to be the shining star in the hands of its leads. Blessed with several dread-inducing and unforgettable sequences, MISERY is Stephen King at his mischievous best, and as proven by the recent season of CASTLE ROCK, in Annie Wilkes he has created a character for the ages.

Join us as we celebrate the true King of Horror and master of the macabre as his band of loyal readers in true drive-in fashion – loud, proud and gleefully terrified.

Evrim Ersoy

🎟️ Ticket purchase includes entry to SAINT MAUD and MISERY.
Director: Rob Reiner
Country: USA
Runtime: 107 min.
Year: 1990

October 4
9:30 pm (1h 40′)

Mission Tiki Drive-In Theatre

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